Who we are


Who we are.

Venequip Engineering General Contracting specializes in Mega Projects in Mining Construction and Oil and Gas Services and we have worked as EPC with our clients for a long time. Having a business culture forged since 1927, directs its strategies to effectively serve the different productive economic activities worldwide, by marketing machinery and equipment belonging to our allied brands, for the oil and gas, construction, mining, power generation (fossil and renewable), marine, industrial, commercial and residential sectors. Supplying spare parts, maintenance services, repair, training, EPC, BOT, PPA, RTR, and O&M, as well as specialized technical advice on all our product lines, as an allied supplier of solutions with the use of products and/or services at an international level, with long-term and short-term services contracts and ensure that our customers have access to the highest international standards of Quality, Health, Safety, and Environment.


Gaining trust among the sectors we serve so as to create demand for our brands, products, and services.


Being worldwide recognized as an Engineering General Contracting Company the leading solutions management with products and/or services, achieving outstanding results on behalf of our business partners, and consistently coaching our employees whilst earning a fair return for the delivered value we provide.

Our Clients