Our History


So begins our story...

Incorporated on July 12, 1927, in Caracas, under the name INTERNATIONAL GENERAL ELECTRIC. The company had a payroll of seven (7) employees as Authorized Distributors in North and South America of General Electric products and CATERPILLAR heavy machinery. Mainly dedicated to electrical materials distribution, as time went by, our products became active in everything related to construction, agriculture, livestock, and oil activity throughout the country.

Along with industrial growth and economic activities development, General Electric S.A. (GEVENSA) started to participate more and more in the Nation's progress: 1935, the first branch was opened in Maracaibo, followed by Puerto La Cruz in 1950, Barquisimeto in 1956, Puerto Ordaz and Valencia in 1963 and, later, offices in locations such as Santa Bárbara, San Cristóbal, Acarigua, El Tigre and an operational facility at the Guri Hydroelectric Complex.

By 1985 we changed our name to Venequip. The Company operated eight branches, a sales point, and three operational projects on North and South American territory and one branch in FL USA, and we began to be an international company.

In 2002 we built our first gas compression plant for one of our customers named Perez Companc, and we began to supply  IPC, BOT, PPA, RTR, and O&M agreements, with long-term and short-term contracts,  to address our customers' needs, with tailor-made solutions.

Today we are operating in three continents and more than twelve countries, following our vision and mission and doing it in a sustainable way.