Mining has historically been one of the most important industries in the world.

Venequip operates in a region that has proven reserves of:

  • 4.2 billion Metric tons of Iron  
  • 575 million metric tons of coal.
  • 320 million metric tons of bauxite.
  • 16 million ounces of gold…

South America is a mining hub with some of the world’s largest iron ore, bauxite, gold, and copper reserves, and the Saudi Arabia region has become to have an important and grooving mining activity.

The mining sector uses the largest earth movement equipment in the world.

We have supported, based on our extensive experience, more than 400 mining equipment assets in mining operations. 

Venequip has assisted with: 

  • 22 million metric tons production operation in Ferrominera Iron ore mine.
  • 8.5 million metric tons production operation in the Carbozulia coal mine.
  • 5.6 million metric tons production operation in Bauxilum Bauxite mine.

Our comprehensive experienced in all phases of mining including exploration , feasibility studies, construction of facilities, access roads, camps, process plants and ports, mine operations, including drilling and blasting, through final mine closure and reclamation. operation contracts, fleet rent, remanufacturing of equipment and spare parts.

Over 20 years of on-site support operations in mining locations, 24/7, 365 days a year, contributing to the process of exploration, drilling, blasting, excavation, hauling, and crushing.

We support the iron and steel operations with hauling techniques for aluminum buckets and iron slag buckets.

Venequip has over 40 years of experience supporting the operation of skidders in the production of primary aluminum.

Mining holds a crucial place in the world’s economy. It is the backbone of human development.

Venequip is committed to the growth of the mining sector worldwide, providing solutions and services to support an industry that promotes development.

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