Training Center

Training Center

At Venequip Engineering General Contracting we are committed to preparation as a tool for human talent performance in organizations, which is why among the services offered we include technical training for your work team, as well as for independent technicians. We train new professionals within the specialized area, using broad programmatic content, which provides them with the ability to assume responsibilities relevant to their area, with more excellent skill.

Our training center has a capacity for +25 students distributed in 3 classrooms.

For the development of practices, we have a simulator room and a workshop area equipped with the necessary tools for the development of acquired knowledge.

Basic Diesel Engine, Basic Hydraulics, Air Conditioning and Machinery Operator, Failure Analysis, and Parts Reusability are some of the training courses available to attend in person, online, or in the company.

Our courses are offered in different modalities. Please refer to our catalog to find the availability for each module.

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